Tow Cargo With Ease Using the Chevy Tahoe's Highly Efficient Engine

The Chevy Tahoe has a 5.3-liter V8 engine that provides various perks during towing jobs. If you need to transport cargo that weighs 8,600 pounds or less, the Tahoe is equipped for the job.

During towing routines, the Tahoe pulls heavy equipment and conserves fuel using its V8 engine, which only burns a gallon of gasoline every mile. The engine's maximum horsepower is 355; this is enough power to tow a boat or multiple ATVs. If the Tahoe needs a surge of power to propel through mud on rough terrain, its engine can produce up to 383 lb-ft torque.

Chevy Tahoe SUVs are available at Tim Short Auto Mall along with test drive opportunities. Our test drives help potential buyers thoroughly examine how key performance features function on the road. We let locals drive our vehicles on various streets in Corbin, and we always take proper steps to make each session convenient.



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