Cruise to Destinations Confidently in a Chevy Sonic

The Chevy Sonic is designed with handy safety tools that increase awareness on streets and highways. If you want to drive a car confidently while using technology that keeps you safe, the Chevy Sonic is worth owning.

On local roads, collisions can happen without notice when drivers are distracted. To provide peace of mind on the highway, Chevy engineers built the Sonic with a convenient forward collision alert system. This technology carefully scans the surroundings on the road, and it alerts when a potential crash may occur. The lane departure system is another collision prevention tool; it increases safety by monitoring the surroundings on busy highways. If you change lanes without using a turn signal, this system will provide visual and audible alerts.

If you want to experience how these safety tool operate, consider taking the Sonic out for a test drive. At Tim Short Auto Mall, we offer test drives in various Chevy Sonic trims.



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