Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features

While operating a Chrysler Pacifica in a busy parking area, you'll have many opportunities to safely maneuver it into narrow spots. The Chrysler Pacifica has two valuable parking systems that will help you accomplish this.

Parksense and Rear Park Assist work together when the Chrysler Pacifica is driven in crowded parking locations. The Chrysler team built each safety system to help drivers detect objects that are tough to see while parking. The front Parksense safety hardware scans the surroundings as the Pacifica maneuvers into a parking space, and the rear parking system uses multiple sensors to spot hazards behind the bumper.

During a test drive, you'll have a chance to use these safety systems and other tools by Chrysler, and you can set up a short driving session while visiting Tim Short Auto Mall. Our automotive business is in a convenient location in Corbin, and we arrange test drive routes by our facility.



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