2019 Ram 1500 Durability Features

Light duty pickup trucks are becoming highly durable over time so the work always gets finished without the truck wearing out. In fact, our team here at Tim Short Auto Mall located right in Corbin are so excited about the all new Ram 1500, that we thought we should tell you all about the various durability features of the 2019 model!

First, this light duty pickup truck contains an active grille shutter on the front of the vehicle. Not only does this optimize the amount of airflow getting to the engine which improves fuel economy, but it also limited the amount of dust, dirt and grime that can get into the engine. This durability feature helps to extend the lifetime of the truck. Additionally, the tailgate assist feature helps drivers to be less rough on the tailgate. This is especially helpful for people frequently in and out of their truck bed so that the tailgate doesn't deteriorate over time.



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