Advantages of Studless Winter Tires

If you're worried about driving on wet roads during the winter season, then equip your vehicle with the appropriate tires that provide optimum traction. Tim Short Auto Mall will help you select the correct studless tires that are compatible with your make and model.

Studless tires are engineered to boost traction on a highway that's covered in snow or ice. The tread patterns have deeper and more aggressive textures for a better grip on the road. Several composite rubbers make up the core of studless tires that are widely available for passenger automobiles, including coupes and sedans.

Flexibility is a key advantage of such winter tires that don't have any protruding metallic studs. When the air temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the tread doesn't become stiff like in regular tires. Consequently, the extra flexibility reduces the risk of slipping or skidding on a surface that's completely coated in ice or snow.



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